Savannah rejects a project because it uses GPL

MJ Ray mjr at
Tue Feb 28 10:09:51 UTC 2006

I'm sure this thread is killfiled/filtered by most by now, so I'll
keep to points of information:

"Alfred M\. Szmidt" <ams at>

> Did I claim that you did? No.  You implied it on the other hand.

I am not to blame for what you read between the lines of my emails.

> Only if you stop cluttering the list with abusrd lies.

TTBOMK, I have not lied. Your request is like "do you still deny
that you beat children?"

> If you wish to
> know what happened, please ask the Savannah hackers.  You have
> obviously not done so, and instead of doing this, you went on a
> personal crusade without knowing what actually happened.

I did ask. Of course people are reluctant to admit errors.  The
usual tactic is to apply pressure while offering a good solution
that doesn't make them admit any mistakes. Usually, I care more
about the future than the past.

> This isn't the first time you do this.

Indeed. Nothing to be ashamed of. My estimates are often good.

> >  It's far from obvious to me why I should allow the BNP or whoever
> >  to print updated copies of a manual and forbid recipients from
> >  removing their manifesto from it, as FDL use would permit.
> This is clearly written at

Not clearly. The justification there is mostly RMS's arbitrary
and inconsistent beliefs and that's not enough.  I think is more the reasons,
but my work is not for sale to the BNP for that low price.

> >  > And you can use the GPL if you would like to, just like with
> >  > licensing your work under the GPL. [...]
> >  Can you use the GPL alone? It's my understanding that would be
> >  forbidden by the planned policy change.
> Please ask the Savannah hackers.

I have. You're contradicting them. Why?

> >  If the FDL's not buggy, why do you refer to its problems in another
> >  email today?
> Please stop claiming things I didn't even imply. You have on a
> repeated basis invented claims.  It is silly, please stop it.  You
> were answering to a sentence where I wrote something along the lines
> of `The GFDL does not have the problems that you claim it to have'.
> The GFDL does have problems, but none of which you claim it to have.

And you wrote that to object to me calling the FDL a known-buggy
licence, so I concluded that you believed it has no known bugs.

TTBOMK, I have not invented claims. Please stop making wild
unsubstantiateable allegations all the time.

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