transcript of Stallman's GPLv3 talk today (FOSDEM)

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at
Sun Feb 26 03:53:41 UTC 2006

On Saturday morning (Day one of FOSDEM), RMS made a quick GPLv3
presentation.  I recorded it with my digital camera, and, following the
hopes mentioned in my blog, I've now made it available as a transcript:

I hate making transcripts but I think GPLv3 materials are worth making
because we need people to understand and be able to discuss these issues, so
it's very important that the information flows far and easy - quickly.

I also hope they are useful starting points for people who might make their
own presentations about GPLv3.

I can't make the video available right now because the filesize is huge
(despite the quality being low).  I have not gone over the transcript a
second time to check for mistakes.  I will do this Sunday or Monday.  I
might soon transcribe some of the Q&A, but it's not done yet.

Hope that helps, and thanks to the people who sent emails saying that the
last transcript was useful.

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