Documentation vs. Software (Re: Savannah rejects a project because it uses GPL)

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Sat Feb 25 11:07:34 UTC 2006

   Under his logic, that someone else would even be allowed to claim
   that you wrote the program shooting Shia Muslims.

Please stop pretending you know what my "logic" is.  You have
repatedly resorted to insults, and now you try to put words into my

   Exactly, that's absurd. And if it were true, the FDL would protect
   against it only WRT the invariant sections. I.e., someone else
   could still include libel in the non-invariant sections and pretend
   it was yours.

Include means the addition, not modification.  If you out right add
such material, yes.  If you modify it in some way, say by replacing
s/I love/I hate/, no.  There is nothing absurd about this.

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