Video and transcript of Jan 16th GPLv3 launch

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at
Mon Feb 13 13:18:15 UTC 2006

FSF have released a video of the opening presentation of the GPLv3 launch:

And I've made a transcript:
...which I'd like to widely publicise to ensure that no one else wastes
there time doing the same thing.

The recording contains about 20 minutes of Richard Stallman and 70 minutes
of Eben Moglen, both spend the time describing the changes in the license
and why they were made.

One reason for making the transcript is that it can be used as a starting
point for anyone else who will give presentations about GPLv3 this year.
Other reasons are grep-ability, web-search engines, and translatabilitiy
(human or machine).

I haven't transcribed the post-presentation Q&A, but IMO, it's not too
interesting anyway.  I may transcribe some bits, or note the highlights
if/when I get time.

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