Finally: Login via SSH authentication with OpenPGP smart card & 100% Free Software PCMCIA reader

Patrick Ohnewein patrick.ohnewein at
Sun Feb 12 16:24:04 UTC 2006

Hi Georg,

that's a good news!

I would like to communicate you another driver which was realeased as
Free Software.

Time ago I used an Acer Travelmate 660 with an incorporated card reader.
The driver was closed source. On request, it was possible to get a
binary driver for the Linux 2.4 kernel. I was already switched to Linux
2.6 and therefore I requested the drivers for 2.6 and of course I asked
to free the drivers. One of the developers ansered me, they don't have
the resources to port the drivers, but they are planing to release them
as free software. So I asked Alessandro, if he would be willing to port
the drivers after the release as free software. Alessandro of course
sayed yes :)

At the end we did't have to do the porting, because they released the
drivers already ported for the Linux 2.6 kernel. Here follows the

> Hello Patrick,
> We have released our latest Smartcardbus PCMCIA Smartcard Reader Linux
> kernel 2.6 Driver.  You may find it on in the drivers
> section.
> Here is the link to the drivers section of the website.
> Please be aware that O2Micro is an IHV (Independant Hardware Vendor) and
> does not provide Smartcard applications or application support.  The
> open-source driver is provided on an "as is" basis with no implied
> warranty or support.
> BR,
> Eric Still
> Application Manager, O2Micro Int'l.
> eric.still at

I didn't test the drivers, because I don't use the Acer anymore, I
switched to a Sony VAIO sub-notebook. Maybe someone with an Acer can
test the drivers.

I think the O2Micro shouldn't be ignored, they deserve the credit for
having recognised the advantages of freeing there drivers.

Happy hacking!

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