FDL again, was: My concerns about GPLv3 process

Alessandro Rubini rubini at gnudd.com
Sat Feb 11 18:30:13 UTC 2006

> You mention a case of turning a program into a different form. A
> valid scenario, indeed.

> [...]

> So let's also here consider a case of turning a (FDL) manual into a
> different form, to have a fair comparison. Examples such as
> reference cards or posters [...]

Good point. Actually, It seems to me the FDL has been designed for
linear evolution of a manual, and not for using the material of the
manual in other contexts.  While the pool of GPL works allow a "mix
and pick" approach, this is actually denied by the FDL.  People
can see this as a problem or not, I personally do.

All the material I find on gnu.org, in fact, talks about direct
evolution of a manual or FDL work in general. I was sure I had
seen reference to building a pool of free documents whence to
build from, but I can't find it today.

Quello che scrivo rappresenta solo il mio personale punto di vista,
non rispecchia l'opinione di organizzazioni di cui faccio o ho fatto parte.

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