Savannah rejects a project because it uses GPL

Frank Heckenbach frank at
Sat Feb 11 16:11:02 UTC 2006

Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:

> [MJ Ray wrote:]
>    If one tried to include part of the Emacs manual in a work about GNU
>    in general, one could not follow the licence: the GNU Manifesto and
>    the GPL would be about the main topic, so no longer Secondary, so
>    could not be included as Invariant, which is required by the licence.
> Why are you making up absurd cases?

What do you think is absurd?

- That someone might want to include part of the Emacs manual in a
  work about GNU in general? Why is it absurd? Why should one not be
  able to use free documentation (which you claim it is) in this

- Or the consequences WRT the license that MJ Ray described? If you
  think they're absurd, explain why you think so (see below),
  instead of accusing others of lying. If you just accuse others of
  lying each time you disagree, this doesn't help a constructive
  discussion, and you're not likely to convince anyone.

  Also note that if you make such strong statements, the burden of
  proof is on you. When you claim that MJ Ray hasn't read the FDL at
  all, it's now up to you to prove this statement. The fact that you
  and he have different interpretations is no proof that he didn't
  read it. In fact, I find it hard to imagine how someone who hasn't
  even read it at all could refer to it in details as he did (though
  I don't necessarily agree to all he wrote).

> Have you actually read the
> license? Specifically, the bits about modification?

Though you asked him, not me, I actually read the license, and I
must admit I'm a bit confused (due to its complexity) what terms
would actually apply in such a case.

As you claim to understand the FDL much better than others, could
you explain whether or not the FDL would allow this case at all, and
if so, what it would mean for the mentioned sections (of course,
backing this up with references to the FDL text).


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