Savannah rejects a project because it uses GPL

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Fri Feb 10 23:06:08 UTC 2006

      mjray clearly hinging at fdl manuals:
      >    vanished) and still includes non-free software manuals.

      alfred smizd not getting the hint (or showing not to):
      > It includes manuals for non-free software? That seems silly.
      > Could you point out which manuals so that they can be removed?

I'm not sure what you mean, `non-free software manuals' to me reads as
`non-free software manuals', i.e. manuals for non-free software.  If
MJ meant something else, he is free to clarify.

   Later, after following the discussion in debian-legal and
   elsewhere, after thinking about it ourselves, we came to the
   conclusion that it has been a very risky choice, and we switched
   away from it in the next edition of the book.  What follows,
   though, is my own position, and I don't know how much it is shared
   by other involved parties.

Could you share these conclusions?  I have read the discussion on
debian-legal, and it has been a one sided discussion starting from the
wrong spot.

   The main problem of the FDL, for authors, is in failing the
   copyleft mechanism.  The invariant sections and cover texts, that
   can neither be modified nor be removed, allow people to make
   derived works whose technical contents can't be folded back in the
   original manual.

This is not entierly true, you can fold it back, but then you also
have to fold the invariant sections.  I think this is a prefectly
valid thing to require.

   > Debian does include non-free software.  It promotes its usage by
   > giving space to host it.  Even Fedora is a better bet [...]

   Flame bait, I'm sorry. Same sin you contest to your party.

Sorry, but that is the simple truth of the matter.  The Debian
community loves to twist the words so that is `ok' to distribute
non-free software by claiming that it isn't part of Debian; which is
maybe why you consider it flame bait. I'm actually an avid Debian
user, and it is quite frustrating to use it since I cannot in good
heart recommend it to my friends or people who wish to use GNU/Linux.

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