Software patents: They're back!

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at
Mon Feb 6 20:27:20 UTC 2006

Hi Patrick,

Patrick Ohnewein <patrick.ohnewein at> writes:
> I write this e-mail to ask, if the FSFE has some reccomandations about
> the questionary "Consultation on future patent policy in Europe":
> Is a request to fill out the questionary planed, should this questionary
> be used as a chance for european companies to communicate their
> disagreement to software patents?

Yes, this is a chance for everyone to communicate their feelings about
software patents - and it should be used by everyone.

I will be writing a draft response for FSFE this week, and I'll do the
drafting on this list.

> If it can be a chance, should a request be send out to the companies,
> which already communicated their disagreement to software patents?

We shouldn't harvest that list, but we should probably contact people and
companies that we have had previous contact with.  It would probably be most
useful to do this when we have some example replies to show them.

> And my last question ( for now ;) ) Is there a site which will be an
> aggregator of all the sites and activities (ffii, nosoftwarepatents,
> ip-watch, blogs, ...) against software patents in europe?

I don't plan on making an aggregator site.

(and I agree with others that FFII's swpat news page is the best
 aggregator-like site.)

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