Domain parking

Andreas K. Foerster list at
Sat Apr 15 05:50:03 UTC 2006


there is a new service for domain parking for people who want to
deliberately park it on free software.

| Recently, the domain name registrar GoDaddy, used by many domain
| resellers, switched its domain parking host from Apache to a Microsoft
| server. GoDaddy has 4.5 Million parked domains, and this resulted in a
| 5% market-share shift from Apache to Microsoft IIS in the Netcraft
| report. Parked sites don't have content, so this is only an "appearance"
| change. It's said that Microsoft offers the largest domain registrars a
| lot of money to do this. And of course figures influence managers,
| whether they are real or not.
| It's time for the Open Source / Free Software community to fight back.


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