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Joachim Jakobs jj at
Sun Sep 4 15:53:44 UTC 2005

On Sunday 04 September 2005 16:03, Stephan Uhlmann wrote:
> On Saturday 03 September 2005 15:53, Joachim Jakobs wrote:
> > thanks very much for this request. I think we should have some copies of
> > the English version of our flyer left in Essen. If you need a remarkable
> > number of them you should ask media publishing house K├╝nzel in Darmstadt
> > [1]. They still should have the films of the flyer we have produced last
> > year. If you plan to order a reprint please give us a note - maybe we
> > want to join you. That might help to lower the per-copy-costs.
> >
> > Additionally we have a lot of the (German) Free Software supplement
> > published by Handelsblatt. To get the latter please write to office@ and
> > ask for them. To get a donation for the transport costs would be
> > nice...:)
> But I need them electronically (i.e. PDF or whatever) 

@Werner/Martin: Do we have the flyer we have produced last year because of GLT 
electronically? (English Version of FSFE-Flyer)

> unless you can send 
> me the already printed material for free or very low costs. 

at least the Handelsblatt supplement would engender transport costs only.

> And it wouldn't need to be FSF materials specifically. Anything explaining
> the copyleft idea would be welcome.

Handelsblatt supplement would help you with that I think please check:

regards JJ
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