licensing/copyright question

Thomas Linden tom at
Mon Oct 17 10:38:15 UTC 2005


I've got a complicated issue regarding a software I wrote. The software
in question is a commandline firewall configuration tool for openbsd
including webbased gui. It was a commercial project, but I never had a
written contract with the company I wrote it for. They paid me a little
bit for it, but at the end of the last year they stopped paying. Some
months later I abandoned the project and stopped working on it. The
company is no more interested in the project.

The question now is, who owns the copyright on the software? From my
point of view it is me, but I'm unsure. And, would it be legal to
publish the software as opensource (say GPLed)?

I'm located in germany, so german law applies.

Thanks in advance, Thomas Linden

 -O-   Thomas Linden   ( 

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