mailing list request

adi adiroiban at
Wed May 11 15:43:59 UTC 2005


I have set up a Free Software Group in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and we will like to
have a mailing list for it. We thought that it will be easy to set up
a mailing list server and that will be no problem with the hosting
company, but it seems that we were wrong.
Can we obtain a mailing list from Free Software Foundation Europe? Or
what should we do to obtain a mailing list. I thing that we will need
2 mailing lists, one will be for the general public and one for a
project called "Free Software Laboratory" which is an attempt to bring
Free Software in schools.

We will like to have a mailing list to a Free Software site because it
is very hard for us to explain to regular people the difference
between Free Software and "Linux",  will like to emphasize this. Many
people knows only about Linux and nothing about Free Software.

Many thanks,


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