Linux Party [warning political]

Graham Seaman graham at
Fri Mar 18 11:50:41 UTC 2005

Simon Morris wrote:

>I like this idea. You need to spread the culture of Free software as
>well as the end product (Linux and GNU)
>A good hook here would be campaigning against the kind of practices
>that Music companies employ to prevent our freedom (DMCA)
I think what people are looking for is something like hipatia
( which connects activists across Latin
America/Spain/Italy and India. Hipatia generalizes from free
software to 'promote freedom of (and free sharing of) knowledge,
as  the right of all human beings to access, use, create, modify and
distribute knowledge freely and openly'. It works as a pressure group
and an NGO rather than a party. At the moment most communication
in Hipatia is in Spanish/Portuguese, but there are hooks to build up an
english language side too (or french, or german, or ...)


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