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Ben Finney ben at
Thu Mar 17 22:07:16 UTC 2005

On 17-Mar-2005, Sid Dabster wrote:
> Simon Morris wrote:
> > Explain to your electorate *why* you are anti-Microsoft... practice
> > that spiel on us first.
> See the rest of my email.

Now take that spiel and turn it into things you are *for*, i.e. things
you will change, results you will achieve if your party gains some form
of power in government.

You'll get much better results if people know what you want to *do*,
rather than what you want to *stop* someone else doing.

> > Being Anti-MS isn't enough
> That why I suggested a Free Software Party originally, called the
> Linux Party, perhaps Free Software Party would be better even if less
> catchy.

I think naming the party after a single software program is even more
silly than naming it after the name of a single corporation.  Having
"free" in the name seems a good step.

How about Digital Freedom party?  (most of your issues are with
restriction of freedoms in the digital sphere)

Free Culture party?  (software is culture, and the issues you speak of
affect culture more broadly than just software)

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