Fw: Linux Party [warning political]

Sid Dabster sid_dabster at yahoo.ca
Mon Mar 14 23:28:50 UTC 2005

--- "Morris, Simon" <Simon.Morris at cmtww.com> wrote:
> The Legalise Cannabis Alliance/Party was started in
> Norwichin 1997, 
> <Snip>
>  LCA could also use joint candidates, 
> <Snip>
> . 
>   Today I have managed to get Steve Ballmer's office
> fax number, if we had group we could on mass fax
> that
> number at particular day.
> -----END QUOTE-----
> Legalise Cannabis Party...... "Joint candidates"????
> Very good, Sid. Very droll :)
> And secondly No. You can't go mass faxing Steve
> Ballmer in the name of Free Software because it is
> What do you think would make you better than the
> rest of the spammers out there? Because you use a
> free operating system?
> As amusing as the repeated DOS attacks against SCO
> were they were illegal and wrong also, as prominent
> members of the community stood up and said
> Microsoft project the image of the Open Source
> Community as a bunch of unorganised vagabonds, who
> can't provide a good and professional service to
> their (Microsofts) potential client base. They also
> push Linux as an illegal product that breaks patent
> and copyright laws. Illegal activity is a) playing
> into their hands and b) not really the behaviour for
> a potential political candidate.
> Not in my name, sir!
> :)

I was against the DDOS attack on SCO as I said on the
Usenet at the time, and as an innocent bystander
whos inbox was filled with the MyDoom virus I did
not like it. The reason I have not revealed
the FAX number is that I am responisble.

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