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Sid Dabster sid_dabster at
Mon Mar 14 19:57:58 UTC 2005

Matthias Kirschner wrote:
> Sid Dabster wrote:
>> Not trying to start a flame war, but will people 
>> please stop saying "We do not want a multi-issue
>> party" when the proposal was for a"single issue
>> party" 
> Why do you think that a "single issue party" makes 
> sense? And what do you think will be better with a 
> "single issue party" then with a interest group???
> Can you give me one example of a successful 
> "single issue party"?

The Legalise Cannabis Alliance/Party was started in
Norwichin 1997, where I live, by a few ex-Labour party
members. I would like to say that while I am 
completely against the use of Cannabis even I have
to admit how successful they have been. For over
15 years the Green Party (and some in the Liberal
Democrats) have wanted to legalisation but it made
no difference. After LCP was formed they stood in a
handful of seats (five) and within a few years the 
government had reduce the criminal offence of 
carrying it to virtual nothing and started trials 
of Cannabis for medical use. The turn around was so
big that the LCA candidate at the Ipswich byelection
was asked why are you still standing when you have got
what you want? LCA could also used joint
candidates, anybody already in a party could 
support them and their own party. All this happened
in spite of the fact opersition to legalise is large. 
  Today I have managed to get Steve Ballmer's office
fax number, if we had group we could on mass fax that
number at particular day. I will not give out the 
number until I have been able to use it, I will see
if one of the other posters here is right and I get 
sued. It maybe decided wether to start a new party 
in the UK on the 20th March at a meeting 
in Norwich.
  In summary LCA candidates who got 1.5% or less 
of the votes (where they stood), but had power far
out weighing their support, thanks to standing as a
single issue party. People who have not stood for
election are naturally reluctent to stand through 
fear of the unknown, but this is why politicians
taking them more seriously if they do because it shows
how strongly they feel about their issue. I
did not want to use the LCA example but it seemed 
the only way to explain my case. I hope have not upset
anyone, but I feel compeled to do something
because I feel so strongly about this issue. This
month I have been trying to by a Mac Mini to run
Linux on but have gone to three Mac Dealers, two are
bust and the third does not sell computers anymore
and is sticking to other parts of it's business.

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