FLOSS/Linux Political Party

Sid Dabster sid_dabster at yahoo.ca
Fri Mar 4 18:19:08 UTC 2005

--- Vasco Maria Cleri <vasco.cleri at lugrieti.net>
> Sid Dabster wrote:
> >*** Proposal for a FLOSS/Linux Political Party ***
> >
> >I suggest a Linux Party is formed to promote the
> idea
> >of free software (and possibly related ideas). 
> >
> I don't think that to create a linux party would be
> a wise thing 
> particularly from the italian politics' point of
> view. In italy ( but I 
> think it is not so different in other contries
> except in subtle facts) 
> we now have two distingiushed parties: left and
> right.
> To create a new party would mean make it to side
> with the one or the 
> other and let arise inauspicious consequences to the
> idea of free 
> software. This would mean for several associations
> like FSFE and LUGs 
> not to have the possibility to make pressure on the
> entire arch of 
> politic parties. If we will create a party we'll
> only have the 
> possibility to take advantage by pressing the party
> we're sided with.
> I think it will also configure a serious limitation
> on philosophic and 
> thought freedom for the associations that have lots
> of different people 
> who have different political ideas.

Not trying to start a flame war, but will people 
please stop saying "We do not want a multi-issue
party" when the proposal was for a "single issue
party". The missunderstanding seems to come
from the fact continental countries have PR (or
hybrid systems) while the UK and USA use first 
past the post (FPTP). In FPTP only two (or three) 
parties win seats, all other parties have zero, I
repeat zero, chance of getting elected. So
a minor party does not need a manifesto but can 
stand on a single policy, e.g. legalising a
particular thing that is illegal, such as the 
right of women to vote. 
  How do I contact US Free software users and 
FSF? While standing at an election sounds
scary, once you have done you find out how easy
it is.

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