FLOSS/Linux Political Party

Vasco Maria Cleri vasco.cleri at lugrieti.net
Fri Mar 4 17:25:49 UTC 2005

Sid Dabster wrote:

>*** Proposal for a FLOSS/Linux Political Party ***
>I suggest a Linux Party is formed to promote the idea
>of free software (and possibly related ideas). 
I don't think that to create a linux party would be a wise thing 
particularly from the italian politics' point of view. In italy ( but I 
think it is not so different in other contries except in subtle facts) 
we now have two distingiushed parties: left and right.
To create a new party would mean make it to side with the one or the 
other and let arise inauspicious consequences to the idea of free 
software. This would mean for several associations like FSFE and LUGs 
not to have the possibility to make pressure on the entire arch of 
politic parties. If we will create a party we'll only have the 
possibility to take advantage by pressing the party we're sided with.
I think it will also configure a serious limitation on philosophic and 
thought freedom for the associations that have lots of different people 
who have different political ideas.


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