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Sid Dabster sid_dabster at yahoo.ca
Thu Mar 3 19:26:57 UTC 2005

--- Simon Morris <simon.morris at cmtww.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-03-03 at 00:36 +0000, Sid Dabster
> wrote:
> > *** Proposal for a FLOSS/Linux Political Party ***
> > 
> > I suggest a Linux Party is formed to promote the
> idea
> > of free software (and possibly related ideas). The
> > last European Election with the patent issue
> showed
> > the relevance of politics to the free software
> > movement. Voting purely on patents lead to some
> > undesirable alliance partners. While as LUG Radio
> > noted, the patent issue did not brake through into
> the
> > mainstream media. If free software is to gain mass
> > use, we need decision makers and media to be more
> > aware. A Linux party with a free post drop and
> media
> > time will do this just as other single issue
> parties
> > have.
> Whilst I'm behind the ideology 100% I'm not sure
> forming a separate
> political party is the best way to go to achieve
> your aims.
> Single issue parties have always performed badly
> (apart from one or two
> notable successes) mainly for the reason that by
> definition they are
> only interested in a couple of key points, where an
> elected leader is
> expected to deal with a wide range of social and
> political issues.
> Even parties with single issues that are much more
> visible to the
> general public such as the Green party don't attract
> the votes of all
> their sympathisers because they don't want to
> 'waste' their vote on that
> single issue when there are more pressing issues to
> hand.

Anserwed in my previous email. How do I contact all
LUGs with my suggestion. 
> Please understand I'm not being defeatist here but
> there are better ways
> to make an impact.
> Why not divert that energy and focus into canvassing
> MEPs from the main
> parties and bringing them around to start defending
> the rights of
> software developers and users by challenging
> software patents?
> Rgds
> Simon Morris

Some countries in Europe do not have MEPs and never
will, while other may loss theirs.

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