Licensing help in France

Ben Finney ben at
Fri Jun 17 00:54:52 UTC 2005

On 16-Jun-2005, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> I am asking this list for advise since I don't know where to get
> help on this issue. I tried mailing the Free Software Foundation but
> they haven't answered my mail.

Which address did you send it to? Perhaps a more appropriate one can
be suggested.

> So I am making a product, that was originally meant to be distributed as 
> GPL. Now the buyer asks me to release it under a comercial license. 

What does this mean? The GPL is a commercial license; a huge amount of
software licensed under the GPL is sold for profit all year round.

What is it that your customer has now asked for, and what is different
to the previous situation? Do they understand that the GPL is a
commercial license?

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