Licensing help in France

Jeremiah Foster jeremiah.foster at
Thu Jun 16 10:50:05 UTC 2005


I am including an email from the Fedora users mailing list regarding 
licensing issues with the GPL. I felt the original poster would get more 
help here than from the other list where the danger of innaccurate 
information is somewhat higher.



OP follows -

Hi all

I am asking this list for advise since I don't know where to get help on 
this issue. I tried mailing the Free Software Foundation but they 
haven't answered my mail.

So I am making a product, that was originally meant to be distributed as 
GPL. Now the buyer asks me to release it under a comercial license. 
Here's the catch: One module of the product uses LGPL'ed code, and the 
icons used in the product are GPL as well. Would it be possible for me 
to make a comercial license that says: License for 'module X', and 
'icons': GPL License for the total product: not free. Does anyone has 
experience with this or know where to turn to for these kind of questions?

With kind regards

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