WIPO solicits feedback on "IP in the Information Society"

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The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is hosting an online 
discussion on "Intellectual Property in the Information Society" until 15 
June 2005 <http://www.wipo.int/ipisforum/en/>. The conclusions of the 
online forum will form part of WIPO's contribution to the WSIS Tunis 
Summit. There are 10 different themes for discussion:

1) The WSIS Declaration of Principles sets out a vision for the information 
society – how can the intellectual property system support this vision?

2) The intellectual property system and freedom of expression and 
creativity: Help or hindrance?

3) The public domain and open access models of information creation: at 
odds with the intellectual property system or enabled by it?

4) What is the impact of copyright law, both at international and national 
levels, on education and research?

5) What are the rights and responsibilities of intellectual property 

6) Global partnerships to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development 
Goals: what role for intellectual property?

7) How is intellectual property policy made for the information society: 
and who makes it?

8) How can cultural and intellectual diversity of traditional communities 
be respected in the information society?

9) Emerging business models for distributing intellectual property online: 
opportunity or threat?

10) What are the challenges for enforcement of intellectual property rights 
in the digital environment?


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