Key escrow in the UK

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Sat Jul 30 01:38:18 UTC 2005

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On 29-Jul-2005, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> On Jul 29, 2005, at 1:01 AM, Ben Finney wrote:
> >The only keys that would be escrowed would be those keys owned by
> >people complying with the key escrow laws. People involved in
> >morally heinous crimes would hardly mind breaking laws like key
> >escrow.
> There could be an enforced key-recovery, which would apply to all
> keys. 

That just begs the question a step further: The only people who would
use encryption schemes with forced key recovery would be those who
choose to use it.

Good, working encryption *without* forced key recovery is already
widespread. Criminals have no reason to switch to a different recovery
scheme, so they would not be impacted by such a requirement.

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