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I'm brazilian, and we felt very sad here because of the recent uk police 
killing the brazilian guy. I'm a little worried because a very close 
friend is going next week to work in London (fashion market), and I know 
there is this "terrorist atmosphere in London", and since she dont speak 
english very well, I think she can have problems just for being a foreigner.

I going to talk now about another topic but you will later notice that 
it is related to this topic.
Spams are some of the more annoying things in the world. I really hate 
them. What is the only reason they still exist? I'm asking this because 
if we use the technology we have, we can really stop spams. The reason 
is that the only effective way to stop spam would break de anonymity of 
the email. See, the Internet has grow with anonymity as a foundation and 
breaking this foundation would take us to virtual imprisonment.
We would be cows in a field, each one with his mark, and would be no 
place to escape.

Cryptography tools in a free knowledge world works only for:
1 - guarantee identity
2 - keep anonymity

The funny thing is that these things contrapose.

Recently I've read a detailed paper about how China controls it's 
Internet. Part of this system is not allowing any kind of anonymous 
access. If you enter at a cyber cafe, you must show your identity card, 
and everything you do will be logged and stay at the cyber cafe for at 
least one month. All internet providers are from government and they 
need id too.
If you are against the regime in China, of course you can try to use 
stenography to communicate to the outside world, but it still easy to 
get caught, because they can't read your message, but they can detect 
cryptography messages related to your id, and this is enough to get you.

<my offtopic opinion, not european or american view, about terrorism and uk>
I'm very worried about using the word "terrorist". See, terrorists are 
guys that attacks "civilian" targets. I think it is complicated to talk 
about this when a country is in war with another. Should they, when 
seeing all your aircraft and guns, just say: "ok, we will fight using 
your rules."???
War is wrong, but it is a fallacy saying that there is any ethic in a 
way to practice war. UK should have learned this in usa independence 
war, that it lost because of some guerrila techniques.
I really doubt UK would have any "terrorism" if it dont entered in 
iraque's war. When usa and uk shoot people in streets in iraque they are 
considered "war casualties". Saddam is not there anymore, why are they 
still there? Fucking oil.
uk is just paying the price of the oil, fear.
"civilians" are citizens, and responsible for each government act. 
They've ellected their politician, so they would naturally suffer from 
their decision.
</my offtopic opinion, not european or american view, about terrorism 
and uk>

Sorry for exposing my opinion here, this is really offtopic to the list, 
but since it is a european list, I think you would like to know how we 
are seeying these things here. Anyway, we have more things to worry 
here, there are more deaths here because of street violence that in 
iraque's war...

[]s, gandhi

Simon Morris wrote:

>On Fri, 2005-07-29 at 11:11 +0100, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
>>Not true. If you had a key recovery mechanism, you could quickly
>>recovery the key and encrypted information, thus potentially saving
>>lives. Look at the situation today, the police suspect another attack
>>with innocent people killed is imminent, oughtn't there be a mechanism
>>to prevent this needless death?
>To me that last statement smacks of "think of the children".
>Yes - we should be taking action against terrorists and preventing
>needless deaths - how would key escrow help here?
>Giving away our freedoms isn't necessarily going to help law enforcement
>intercept communications. Other mechanisms exists to pass information
>around and plan criminal activities - stenography for example.
>To be honest one of the reasons that we managed to decrypt the Enigma
>machine 60 years ago was because we captured a device and the German
>operators were too confident in it's abilities. What if the terrorist
>had a similar "low tech" method?
>If I send a letter through the post I'm fairly sure it isn't read by law
>enforcement officials... there are many different ways to communicate
>and if the government start pushing for escrow here I'd be a bit
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