FSFE CryptoCard and PCMCIA card reader

Jonas Oberg oberg at fsfeurope.org
Wed Jul 20 19:09:39 UTC 2005

Hi Bjoern,

> I'm searching for a PCMCIA card reader for the FSFE CryptoCard. Does
> someone already use such a card reader? Of course the card reader should
> work with free driver and it would be great if the driver is already
> part of the default linux kernel.

I've been toying with the GemPC Card from GemPlus for a while now. You 
can find some information about it on 

This is basically a GemPC Twin with a PCMCIA serial bridge, so it's 
quite easy to setup. However, I must admit that it doesn't function to 
100% yet. When I connect it and insert a card, it works fine (even 
querying the card from GnuPG) for a few minutes, after which something 
gets out of sync and looses contact with the card.

I havn't tried with newer versions of PC/SC though. And if you do want 
to tinker with it, make sure that you get the GemPC Card and not the 
Gemplus 400 PC-Card. They look very much alike, though the later is an 
older model with a completely different interface for which there is 
currently no working Free Software driver.

Jonas Öberg
Free Software Foundation Europe
Phone. +46-31-7804105 (extension 4001)
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