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Frank Heckenbach frank at g-n-u.de
Wed Jul 20 19:05:03 UTC 2005

David GLAUDE wrote:

> By fucking with a military radar with the help of the hardware vendor is
> different from bypassing the security put in place by the hardware vendor.
> The vendor might be liable for helping me doing it.
> So there is a real interest for the vendor and the military industry to 
> have some kind of software that are at least legaly protected from 
> tinkering.

The software may be legally, not technically, protected. The
hardware still is not. If you write your own software, not based on
the original one, you could still do bad things if the hardware
allows it.

The military, if they're not completely stupid, would certainly be
more interested in hardware that doesn't allow this kind of misuse
in the first place.

> Are you in favor of freely accessible gun like in the US or do you 
> prefer some restriction like in europe?
> What if software are able to kill?

A better comparison would be: Would you want everybody, without
restrictions or checks, to be able to purchase guns that do not fire
-- unless you enter a special code to a built-in controller. Of
course, this code is secret (and happens to be the same for all guns
of this kind, BTW) ...


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