Licensing question (GPL or LGPL)

Sam tzahm at
Mon Jul 4 20:36:50 UTC 2005

I have a small (big?) question about mixing licenses within a project.
We'd like to distribute the project as LGPL or, in its defect, as GPL.

The project consists of a PD external built with the flext library
(the only GPL license of the lot).

We want to release a C++ API and, separately, the PD external.

The libraries we're using (for the API) are the following:
LibcURL –        (MIT)
TinyXML – (ZLIB)
LibSnd - (LGPL)

As said before, the PD external uses flext (flext -, GPL) and the above-mentioned API.

Can we release the API as LGPL? What licenses would be possible for
the external?

Thanks in advance,


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