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On 25-Jan-2005, Thijs Thiessens wrote:
> Ruby, found at is a oo language written under the
> Ruby licence found at:
> It clearly states that:
> "You can redistribute it and/or modify it under either the terms of
> the GPL (see COPYING.txt file), or the conditions below: "
> So just to be SURE.. I can use anything that is licensed under the
> Ruby LICENSE as if it was licensed under GPL?

If it says you can copy under the terms of the GNU GPL, that would
appear to be true.  It would be confusing, though, to say that this is
the "Ruby LICENSE", since you're not exactly using the license therein.

i.e., your license to redistribute and/or modify are taken from a
different text (the GNU GPL as found in the supplied COPYING.txt), which
you've been explicitly granted permission to do.

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