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Xavier Amatriain xamat at iua.upf.es
Wed Feb 23 15:45:50 UTC 2005

This might be "legal" as the main author may have rights over the whole program but it
is surely not very ethical: LinCVS has had contributions from many
others than the main developer. What do you think?

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> Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 12:42:39 +0100
> From: Tilo Riemer <riemer at lincvs.de>
> To: lincvs-users at sunsite.dk
> Subject: [lincvs-users] Commercial version of LinCVS
> Hello,
> The first release of the commercial version of LinCVS is out.
> LinCVS XXL is an enhanced development from the LinCVS open source CVS
> client for professional users. Functionality and features have been
> extended with regard to the requirements of commercial deployment.
> Details can be taken from the documentation at the LinCVS XXL support
> page (http://lincvs.com/support-xxl_en.php).
> LinCVS XXL is a proprietary solution and not available for free.
> Since more than five years, LinCVS has been developed as an open
> source project, exclusively during spare time. Now a point has been
> reached which requires a change in activities. Time and financial
> requirements have reached a level where further development without
> monetary support is no longer possible.
> However, this will be compensated by the development of a proprietary
> and extended version, based on LinCVS. At present, this proprietary
> version will only be available for Windows. Additional versions for
> Linux/Unix and Mac OS X will follow.
> The LinCVS open source project will of course be continued in the
> present format. The extended LinCVS XXL thereby benefits from the
> collective experience of the worldwide users comunity.
> The ultimate aim is the development of a platform independent
> graphical frontend, to be used intuitively and supporting common,
> non-commercial source code management systems.
> Best regards, Tilo
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