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Fri Feb 18 13:37:46 UTC 2005

Please take a look at [1]. It seems, that someone is sending emails to
webhosters saying them, that the authors of the website are violating
copyright by offering their software, which is as far as I know at the
moment under the GPL.

"News 09-12-2004 (future news will be in my Slashdot Journal [2]):
James Ewing did it again: he phoned/emailed the hosting company of and claimed that Nick (owner of the domain) was hosting
illegal copies of Sveasoft firmware.  Which, as we know, isn't true
since the software is under GPL. However the company doesn't seem to
have heard the word GPL yet, let alone understood what it means so they
reacted by taking the (entire!) domain offline.  I hope Nick will get
his domain back up shorty he just didn't have the time to take care of
this issue yet.  As a reaction to James' dirty scare tactics I opened a
Slashdot Journal where I will post news and links to mirrors from now

"On other news James (=Sveasoft) continues sending out DMCA copyright
violation notices to mirror hosters. A few of them are still trying to
explain the GPL to their ISPs and hosting companies and removed the HTTP
links to the files temporarily."[2]

Does someone have time to take a deeper look at this or know already
more about this? A lot of people seem to be really confused about the

Best wishes,

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