Free Music License?

MJ Ray mjr at
Mon Aug 22 15:03:51 UTC 2005

Simo Sorce <simo.sorce at> wrote: [software and programs]
> Thanks for the etymology lesson, unfortunately, commonly programs and
> software are synonymous and I think that's true even for the term "Free
> Software".

Commonly they are not synonymous, but when asked for an example of
"software" most people will give a type of program.

> If that's the problem than you better ask FSF what does
> Software mean in their definition of Free Software and propose to add a
> FAQ on that topic.

I know what RMS means by it, I know I disagree and I don't recall any
easy way to contact all of FSF, nor do I see the point. FSF are not
controllers of the English language.

> > >    [...] The author of a verbatim-copy opinion piece is cutting their
> > >    own nose off to spite their face, too: if I need to adapt an idea
> > >    to my audience and I can't adapt their expression, then I don't use
> > >    their expression and I'll probably only cite the primary sources.
> > > 
> > > You can use their expression, aslong as you don't change it.  You can
> > > also quote pieces (fair use).
> > 
> > The situation given was I need to adapt the idea to the audience, so using
> > their expression unchanged is not useful. I could quote it, but why?
> Grow up please! 

...because shouting "Grow up" is such adult debate(!) Hello pot!

> Copyright covers expression not meaning, so you can use
> another author concept using your words as much as you want, you can't
> just ascribe the new expression to the author that make you think the
> new analogy, but you can, of course credit him as the originator of your
> concept. (And do not forget freedom of expression rights).

I mentioned he's not the primary source: that is, he's not the originator
of the concept. Sorry if that's too hard for you to understand.

"Freedom of expression rights" have little to override the desire
to adapt prose, compared with the desire to adapt programs. Some
programmers argue that their work is so elegant and personal, we
shouldn't be allowed to modify it. I'm amazed to see it seriously
suggested as a reason for the FDL.


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