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Mon Aug 22 12:12:00 UTC 2005

Am Monday, dem 22. Aug 2005 schrieb Markus:

> Here i need your help and some short and clear
> explanations, because i'm struggling if i try to explain it.

You seem to be from germany. There is a good site in german language, 
which tries to explain free-software to outsiders (your "normal people"): 

> 1. "Why does i need this freedoms? I have used software for many years and
> had never the need or idea to modify the software, the software just does
> the job and thats ok."

I really doubt that they are really so satisfied with their software 
and never have problems. 

If there is a problem with their software, someone should fix it.
With free software, that could be any capable programmer. Most probably 
others have the same problems too. So there will most probably be someone 
who does it volutarily.

If not, you can search for someone who does it for the lowest price. 
With proprietary software from, say Microsoft, you could only ask 
Microsoft, and only them, because it's their property, - and they most 
probably won't do it for you, or they could ask for any unreasonable 
price, because there is no copmetitor who could do it. 
That's the difference.

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