Free Music License?

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Wed Aug 17 12:31:30 UTC 2005

   I  was  thinking  that  the  differentiation  between  functional  and
   non-functional was easy.

It isn't easy, if it was, then we wouldn't have these problems.  The
license for each functional, and non-functional work should be based
on the situation for what it should be used for.  For example, Ogg
Vorbis was licensed under the BSD license to allow for wider use,
instead for being licensed under the GNU GPL; and this was done with
the blessing of the FSF and the GNU project.  A music sample might be
better licensed under a license like the BSD license, my memoairs
might be better licensed under a verbatim-copying-only license, your
instructions on how to make great cookie might be better to release
into the public domain.  For non-functional works (say a painting, a
music piece) a verbatim license is quite good, for the most time, if
it isn't one should pick a different licensing model.

It all depends on the situation, and one should thing carefully before
licensing and not blindly apply a license to all types of works.

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