Free Music License?

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Mon Aug 15 09:38:51 UTC 2005

   Keeping a single free license in the free community is better for
   the dynamic of the community.

Software, music and documentation, articles, ..., are all different
kind of works, and need different kind of protections.  Applying a
hammer when you wish to screw in a screw, is well... Silly, to say the
least.  You don't need to be change my article about who much I love
feries, to say that I don't love them.  Fo functional works (software,
for example) one needs the right for modification, fo non-functional
(non-technical written works) one doesn't.  Music, and a novel, are
quite similar, and a simple `verbatim copying allowed' is quite
satisifactory for such works.  A manual, or a program, is where you
need more freedom since it is useful to change a manual, or a program.
But a manual is very different from a program, so a manual needs to
define a different set of freedoms.

Keeping a single license, that is applied to everything, will only
hurt the community in the long run.


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