Free Music License?

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Mon Aug 15 10:20:05 UTC 2005

On Sun, Aug 14, 2005 at 12:11:39PM +0100, MJ Ray wrote:
> Ben Finney <ben at> wrote:
> > On 14-Aug-2005, Roland H=E4der wrote:
> > > [...] But you cannot compare music with software nor
> > > documentation. Music is different to them.
> > 
> > It's not different under copyright law though. If you want to grant
> > the same freedoms, you can use the same license for *all* your
> > software: programs, documentation, music, images, data, ...
> I agree with the general point: we shouldn't rely on
> distinguishing bit streams to determine which standard of
> freedom applies. Sadly, some copyright laws do distinguish
> documentation and music, but I'm still not sure whether it's
> enough to require different licences. 

From the legal point of view, I am quite convinced that
there is enough difference to warrant different licenses.

Getting to the social point and the freedom: This is an unanswered
question with contributions from several hundered years of debate.
With Software finding the balance intellectually,
is fairly easy, because it has a very new level of being funcational.

Melodies, Songs, Lyrics, Literature, News reports, law texts, essays
they are have a different role in our society that might require a
slightly different balance. 
Saying this all can be represented as a bitstream and thus should be
treated the same is makeing life too simpley and disregards 
the knowledge about their role thate we have already aquired.


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