Free Music License?

Ben Finney ben at
Sun Aug 14 08:40:34 UTC 2005

On 14-Aug-2005, Roland H├Ąder wrote:
> I mean, we already a license for software (GNU GPL) and also for
> documentation (FDL) but no license for music (FML = Free Music
> License?). But you cannot compare music with software nor
> documentation. Music is different to them.

It's not different under copyright law though. If you want to grant
the same freedoms, you can use the same license for *all* your
software: programs, documentation, music, images, data, ...

The GPL talks about "program" and "source code"; so long as you make
it clear what you consider those terms to apply to, the GPL should not
be problematic to apply to any copyrighted work if you want.

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