Key escrow in the UK

Jeremiah Foster jeremiah.foster at
Tue Aug 2 11:47:43 UTC 2005

On Jul 30, 2005, at 1:43 PM, Werner Koch wrote:

>  What the terrorists in the 70ies failed to achieve ("revealing the 
> evil grimace
> of the fascistic state") some misguided suicide bombers are close to
> fulfill now.

I think the fascist state is close to being fulfilled, especially in my 
homeland, the US. Though there are signs that citizens are refusing to 
knuckle under, they have accepted de facto the administration's 
rationale for limiting civil rights.

While I want to trust the UK authorities, I cannot. Even in Sweden, 
where I live now, there is a move to limit the privacy of the 
individual in the name of fighting terrorism. The impulse to trust the 
government in these times must be resisted and the fight for rights 
must be taken up with renewed vigor because rights are threatened.

Encryption as part of the circle of trust is a necessary ingredient in 
protecting every citizen's personal information. Key escrow will fail 
to deter criminals and greatly degrade personal privacy.

What can we do to inform people of the dangers of key escrow?


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