Europe IST funding (1900 million euros) discriminates free software!

Marcel Ruff mr at
Mon Oct 25 16:19:59 UTC 2004

Xavier Amatriain wrote:
> Hi,
>>   As you can see at the first link, session #513 has disappeared,
>>   there is a gap between #512 and #514!
>>   !!! It was censored by IST !!!
> Could you ellaborate a bit more on this? What does it mean "it was
> censored"? Was there any official explanation?
> We, as university, have participated (and are participating) in many EU
> funded projects that have Free Software as one of their goals. In
> AGNULA, for instance, even the FSF was a partner. I really can't imagine
> the EU applying "censorship" on this basis.

Our session #513 popped up on

for about one hour and then silently disappeared.
There is now a gap between #512 and #514.
This is an active censorship.

We never got any feedback from the IST organisation why and what
is going on.
(Even on our other session we asked some questions and the mail
was never responded).

I have payed 350 Euros from my private pocket to participate
and i think this is not OK at all (even if i wouldn't have payed
anything one can expect a notification).

The only possibility i can see is to get many subscribers (passive
subscribers don't need to pay a fee) on

This should convince the IST organisation that they can't ignore
the independent free/open source power (outside of research institutes
and companies) - this is a chance for IST to embrace this energy as well.

What astonished me is the fact that fseurope lead doesn't care about it, as
we are talking about ALL bundled funding in Europe.

If Europes funding opens for free source development indiviuals and groups
we would probably need some organisations like to handle
the organisational task around it. Such topics will be discussed on
session #513.

Well, probably i'm wrong, but lets see how it comes out ...



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