Europe IST funding (1900 million euros) discriminates free software!

Marcel Ruff mr at
Sat Oct 23 11:24:17 UTC 2004

Jonas Oberg wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-10-23 at 11:30, Marcel Ruff wrote:
>>   Research institutes get up to 100% sponsoring,
>>   companies get up to 50%,
>>   free software gets 0%
> I don't think this is a fair comparision. Free software can well exist
> in both research institutes and companies. We should remember that free
> software is no longer a separate entity. Free software should be present
> in all projects that IST funds (ideally).

Sure, i'm aware of this, and i want in no way put back research
institutes or companies.

But many free software developers are in no Universities
and don't have a company with dependent employees.
They are indiviuals or loosely organized communities.
This is a big (social) movement and is ignored by IST.
It is actually actively discriminated by IST, as our
session #513 was censored instead of be taken as a chance
to reflect the 'social' reality.

> If you have read the IST Work Programme, you will indeed see that,
> "the development of open standards and open source software will be
> encouraged when appropriate to ensure interoperatbility of solutions and
> to further innovation."

That is not lived by IST.
Free source developers have to pay 400 Euro to participate
the The Hague event, Universities are free.
Free source developers have no chance to enquire funding.
As the The Hague event is an information event for public funding money
it should be free!

> The FSF Europe has a special page for information about the sixth
> framework programme:
> There's also a mailing list there for fp6 related activities, if you
> wish to participate.

Interesting, i didn't know that FSF was this active already.
Still the problem remains, FSF was active but i can't find
many positive feedback statements from EU officials.

> Jonas


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