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Xavier Amatriain xamat at
Mon Oct 18 10:47:38 UTC 2004

Hi again,

> 2nd question: the authors can add an explicit permission to link the
> GPL'ed program they wrote against some proprietary library or program.
> 2nd question explored further: if said library or program is something
> that is part of the proprietary system in question, then there's no need
> to add an explicit permission. This is _not_ the case of MatLab.

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But how can a piece of software that does not even grant the first of
the four freedoms ("The freedom to run the program, for any purpose")
can be made Free? Really, I don't get it. If someone sends me a piece of
Matlab code I cannot run it! What am I supposed to do? Convert it to C?
Try to load it from Octave and see if I am lucky enough so the developer
did not use any of the Matlab toolboxes?

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