Towards a "World Intellectual Wealth Organisation"

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Thu Oct 14 08:41:08 UTC 2004

Towards a

                  "World Intellectual Wealth Organisation"

Supporting the Geneva Declaration

  The Geneva Declaration [1] is an impressive step towards the creation of
  a broad coalition of people, organisations and countries [2] demanding
  that the international community re-think the goals and mechanisms for
  awarding monopoly control over different kinds of knowledge. It offers
  many constructive, concrete suggestions for changes in WIPO goals,
  policies and priorities, and provides ample and insightful arguments for
  redesign of the copyright and patent bargains to better serve the public
  interest of all of humankind.

  We are convinced that new answers sometimes require new questions, not
  more careful repetition of old questions. A World Intellectual Property
  Organisation will always, understandably, lean towards applying the
  pre-selected tool-set of monopolisation that it refers to as
  Intellectual Property; a term that we find to be ideologically charged
  and dangerously oblivious to the significant differences that exist
  between the many areas of law that it tries to subsume.

  While it may look at better, possibly more socially sustainable ways of
  granting ownership-like monopolies over different forms of knowledge,
  WIPO will not have an easy time looking for alternative solutions. WIPO
  is not what we need.

  We need a World Intellectual Wealth Organisation, dedicated to the
  research and promotion of novel and imaginative ways to encourage the
  production and dissemination of knowledge. Granting limited monopolies
  and limited control over some kinds of knowledge may be part of this new
  organisations tool-set, but not the only one, and maybe not even the
  most important one.
  We endorse and support the Geneva Declaration, and invite its drafters,
  signatories, and the United Nations to start thinking now not only about
  what the role of WIPO should be, but rather what kind of organisation we
  need in its place.


   [1] Geneva Declaration:

   [2] Proposal by Argentina and Brazil for the establishment of a
   development agenda for WIPO:



     * ANSOL - Associação Nacional para o Software Livre
     * APRIL
     * Asociación Software Libre y Patrimonio Intelectual Libre
     * Assoli - Associazione Software Libero
     * Free Software Foundation Europe
     * Fundación Conocimiento Libre
     * La Fundación Vía Libre
     * Linux User Group Bozen-Bolzano-Bulsan
     * Movimento Costozero
     * Netzwerk Neue Medien
     * UKUUG - the UK's Unix and Open Systems User Group
     * Verein zur Förderung Freier Software
     * Vrijschrift
     * WilhelmTux
     * - Free communication for communities


     * Alex Hudson
     * Beatriz Busaniche
     * Benoît Sibaud
     * David Ayers
     * Federico Heinz
     * Francis MUGUET
     * Frédéric Couchet
     * Georg Greve
     * Graham Seaman
     * Jeroen Dekkers
     * Jonas Oberg
     * Marc SCHAEFER
     * Markus Beckedahl
     * Matthias Kirschner
     * MJ Ray
     * Pablo Machón
     * Patrick Ohnewein
     * Reinhard Müller
     * Richard Stallman
     * Rik van Riel
     * Sébastien DINOT
     * Simone Piccardi
     * Stefano Maffulli
     * Théo Bondolfi
     * Volker Dormeyer

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