University course in Free Software

Jonas Oberg oberg at
Tue Oct 12 14:38:50 UTC 2004

Hi Rudy,

> Does one has to enroll at you university?  It says the course is
> gratis, but aren't there any other costs?

Education in Sweden is gratis. So no, there are no enrollment fees or
other costs of any kind.

> I do find that 7.5 ECTS points is very high.  A big course here at the
> University of Ghent is about 6-7 points.

That's very interesting. A normal course here is 15 ECTS, with the big
courses at 30 ECTS. This is a comparatively small course of 7.5 ECTS
credits, which in Sweden means about 5 weeks of full-time studies (this
is part time, so it's 10 weeks).


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