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Sat Nov 6 20:29:51 UTC 2004

1. From WIPO to WIWO
2. Via Libre becoming associate organisation
3. FSFE at the LWE in Frankfurt
4. Other public appearances
5. FSFE watches the Municipality of Pavia
6. Italian system integrator, Engineering, chooses GNU GPL
7. Donations via PayPal

1. From WIPO to WIWO

Seeking to endorse the Geneva Declaration, a group of organisations
declared their support in form of advocating the idea of a "World
Intellectual Wealth Organisation" to take the place of WIPO. This
organisation would be searching for new questions and answers, not
just for more careful application of the old tool of granting limited
monopolies on knowledge.


2. Via Libre becoming associate organisation

Fundación Vía Libre, a Free Software organisation in Argentinia,
became associated organisation of the FSFE. This is the latest
highlight of a long and productive history of cooperation between the
European and the Latin American Free Software communities.

3. FSFE at the LWE in Frankfurt

The FSFE was again present with a booth at this year's LWE in
Frankfurt, Germany, where two members of Wilhelm Tux, FSFE's Swiss
associate organisation, joined the booth team.

4. Other public appearances

At a conference called "E-Südtirol" in Bozen, Italy, Georg Greve
spoke about "autonomy and freedom of knowledge in the information
society". He also participated in several workshops at that event.

Shortly afterwards, Georg Greve attended the "Zukunftsforum IT"
Conference in Berlin, which was organised by the Handelsblatt, the
most influential economic newspaper in Germany, to speak about the
overall vision of Free Software.

A little later, in Evora, Portugal, Georg Greve gave a short
presentation and participated in a round table at the aLANtejo
conference organised by students of the local university. He also took
the opportunity to meet several people from the Free Software Community
in Portugal, in particular from FSFE's associate organisation ANSOL and
intensify the cooperation between the FSFE and the Portugese Free
Software movement.

Towards the end of the month, Georg Greve gave the opening keynote for
the BerLINux event in Berlin, Germany.

5. FSFE watches the Municipality of Pavia, Italy

The Municipality of Pavia announced that it will help building a new
backoffice framework for the Italian local public administrations.
This package will be funded by private banks, developed by an Italian
company and distributed by Microsoft.  The FSFE managed to get invited
as observer in the technical meeting, where the specifications of the
project will be defined.  The Italian Chapter will follow closely the
issue and inform the Italian community.

6. Italian system integrator, Engineering, chooses GNU GPL

The GNU GPL has been chosen by one of the biggest Italian system
integrators, Engineering (www.eng.it), for the release of its
application framework SPAGO.  Engineering worked with FSFE to make
sure that the license was well applied and also asked to comment on
the governance of the project.  Although the software falls in the
Java Trap, the Italian Chapter was happy to help and hopes more
companies ask FSFE to support their business.

7. Donations via PayPal

Supporting the work of FSFE has just become easier for those who prefer
to donate by credit card and/or via the PayPal service. A web page
where an online donation can be made is available:


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