(Fwd) [Fsfe-ie] Irish proposal on software patents passed

João Miguel Neves joao at silvaneves.org
Wed May 19 17:20:13 UTC 2004

A Qua, 2004-05-19 às 15:38, Wim De Smet escreveu:
> Important to note, two things:
> - the resolution will now go back to parliament (so it can still change)

Yes. But the process is more limited in terms of time and in which
amendments can be voted.

> - it's a slightly less bold version than the one they started it. There
> are some safeguards against pure software patents (but probably not
> enough). So there is still hope in ending with a decent proposol.
You've been reading Bolkenstein's press release. That's not true.
There's no safeguard in requiring an "inventive step" or a "technical
contribution if you don't define those terms. Those terms are already
used today in EPO's practice. Have you seen any safeguard against pure
software patents there?

						João Miguel Neves

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