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João Miguel Neves joao at
Thu May 13 18:27:51 UTC 2004

A Qui, 2004-05-13 às 19:07, Andreas K. Foerster escreveu:
> I think, writing Free Software for Windows just binds the users tighter 
> to that unfree system!
> Just recently I read an article in a magazine, which came to the 
> conclusion, that there would be no reason to change to [GNU/]Linux, 
> because all the software they tested is also available for Windows. 
> :-(
If we all believed in magazines, none of us would even know about the

> > Projects such as ReactOS should be getting the very fullest of weight 
> > from the FSF, not Linux [1]. I don't know why people have missed this 
> > very self-evident point.
> Well, I think ReactOS can never keep up with Windows - because it is 
> controlled by one single company. If ReactOS comes too close, 
> Microsoft simply changes something in their system to make it 
> incompatible. They are the ones, who have the finger at the trigger
> (sourcecode/specifications).
> Remember OS/2 - even IBM couldn't keep up.

And what's the advantage of using an operation system over another that
is just a look-alike?
						João Miguel Neves

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