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Thu May 13 18:14:04 UTC 2004

A Qua, 2004-05-12 às 21:33, Niall Douglas escreveu:
> One major gripe I have with the FSF et al is that they totally 
> mistarget their efforts. Who needs free software ideology the most 
> right now? Why none other than Windows users. Why the hell therefore 
> is the lion's share of free software effort going towards non-Windows 
> systems?
> Projects such as ReactOS should be getting the very fullest of weight 
> from the FSF, not Linux [1]. I don't know why people have missed this 
> very self-evident point.
I completely disagree with you. ReactOS is a project that is condemned
to guess all the mistakes MS did. I really prefer projects like GNUWin
that allow you to present Free Software to windows users and then change
to a Free Software system.

> Anyway, point is that yes Windows programmers are far more important 
> than any other kind of programmer though I wasn't talking about 
> programmers per se. This is how the world has always worked - it's 
> why all shoes are made for a European foot etc. and every attempt to 
> work counter to how things must be fails.
Well, we have python that has the ability of being used by people well
below the average age of developers.

BTW shoes are made for an european foot because most of shoe buyers have
european feet.

> [1]: Of course, technically speaking the kernel for GNU systems is 
> meant to be the Hurd.
						João Miguel Neves

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