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Andreas K. Foerster list at
Thu May 13 18:07:51 UTC 2004

Am Mittwoch, dem 12. Mai 2004 schrieb Niall Douglas:

> One major gripe I have with the FSF et al is that they totally 
> mistarget their efforts. Who needs free software ideology the most 
> right now? Why none other than Windows users. Why the hell therefore 
> is the lion's share of free software effort going towards non-Windows 
> systems?

I think, writing Free Software for Windows just binds the users tighter 
to that unfree system!

Just recently I read an article in a magazine, which came to the 
conclusion, that there would be no reason to change to [GNU/]Linux, 
because all the software they tested is also available for Windows. 

> Projects such as ReactOS should be getting the very fullest of weight 
> from the FSF, not Linux [1]. I don't know why people have missed this 
> very self-evident point.

Well, I think ReactOS can never keep up with Windows - because it is 
controlled by one single company. If ReactOS comes too close, 
Microsoft simply changes something in their system to make it 
incompatible. They are the ones, who have the finger at the trigger

Remember OS/2 - even IBM couldn't keep up.


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