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Thu May 13 16:00:58 UTC 2004

A Qui, 2004-05-13 às 10:16, Andrea Glorioso escreveu:
> >>>>> "João" == João Miguel Neves <joao at> writes:
>     > Technically impossible to do. This conclusion is a result of my
>     > work with the National Library of Portugal. We don't have the
>     > resources to manage that.
> Is this work documented somewhere?
Not yet. We intend to publish about out Digital Library and we already
started releasing some tools as Free Software. But, for now, we haven't
done it.

Just to give you one idea of the issues involved, we're trying to manage
about 1 million pages of digitised books, websites, video and audio.
Some of the digitised book pages go well over 100MB (yes, there are
people studying things like the spots in the pages, and as a patrimonial
library either we have to provide them with that).
						João Miguel Neves

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