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Ricardo Andere de Mello gandhi at
Mon May 10 16:51:45 UTC 2004

Kevin Boergens wrote:

> Hi!
> Many people detest the TCPA guys. I don't do. They just thought 
> logically.
> There are two possibilities:
> 1) Make sure copyright is obeyed. Therefore you need close to perfect 
> control over all computers and media-displaying devices of the world. 
> Additionally, the attempt to circumvent this control has to be fined 
> heavily by law.

affff.... control=big brother=???

> 2) Forget about copyright. Accept that information has the desire to 
> be copied. (An interesting essay about this can be found in Douglas R. 
> Hofstaedters "Metamagicum")

I liked this one.... ;-)

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